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CGWG attorneys provide both commercial and litigation representation and advice to all parties in the transportation chain, including shippers and receivers of goods; transportation intermediaries; charterers; carriers by sea, air, rail and road; insurers; and related enterprises. Our range of experience includes:

  • Advice regarding collision, fire, pollution and other disasters
  • Cargo claims, including subrogation and defense work
  • Representation of transportation clients in court, arbitration and mediation
  • Representation before shipping inquiries, administrative tribunals and agencies and legislative committees
  • Legal issues regarding all trucking, rail, air freight or any other transportation matters
  • Federal and state motor carrier regulations
  • Proceedings before the FMCSA, Surface Transportation Board and USDOT, including applications, protests, highway use tax reassessments, and economic and safety concerns
  • Safety compliance, hazardous materials and hazardous waste regulations and collection of freight charges
  • Tractor-trailer accidents or tractor-trailer accident litigation