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CGWG’s immigration law practice includes business and employment-related immigration services, both immigrant and non-immigrant. In light of today’s ever-growing diverse work force, CGWG offers employers assistance in obtaining the appropriate employment authorization from the government for their foreign workers. We help employers:

  • Obtain immigrant status for those foreign workers who wish to remain in the United States permanently;
  • Obtain naturalized citizenship for those foreign workers who wish to become United States citizens;
  • With representation of employers and/or foreign workers in administrative proceedings or appeals processes related to immigration issues; and
  • Obtain the proper employment-authorized visas for non-immigrant workers.

CGWG’s immigration practice is unique in that, in addition to representing employers, we also represent individual foreign workers and their employers with both immigrant and non-immigrant petition processes. We offer assistance to both employers and individuals to help with the following:

Obtain Non-Immigrant Visas for:

  • Business people
  • Temporary professional workers
  • Trainees
  • Spouses and fiancées
  • Artists, scientists, musicians, professional athletes and educators
  • Intra-company transfers for executives, managers and those with specialized knowledge
  • I-9s and Social Security documentation

Obtain Immigrant Visas for:

  • Permanent residence and naturalization
  • Representation in administrative or appeals proceeding

Our immigration practice also includes I-9 compliance training for our clients.