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As recently noted, the Arkansas minimum wage rate is increasing to $9.25/hour beginning January 1, 2019.  The Arkansas Department of Labor issued an amended Notice poster last week to update the applicable minimum wage rate for Arkansas employees.  By law, covered employers subject to the Arkansas Minimum Wage Act (AMWA) must display the poster for employees’ notice of their rights.  Ark. Code Ann. § 11-4-216(a) specifically states:  “Every employer … shall keep a summary of this subchapter, approved by the Director of the Department of Labor, … or a summary of the regulations approved by the director, posted in a conspicuous and accessible place in or about the premises wherein any person subject thereto is employed.”  The AMWA applies to entities that employ four (4) or more individuals in any workweek.

NOTE: For employers of tipped employees, be sure to note the amount of tip credit based on the revised minimum wage rate and ensure that the tip credit provisions are being satisfied!  Even if tipped employees earn at least $9.25 for all hours worked, there is still a maximum amount that can be apportioned to the minimum wages paid through tips.

A link to the DOL-approved poster is below for download and print, or paper copies may be obtained from the Arkansas DOL offices free of charge (by law!).  Contact an Attorney with our Firm for more information on these important rule changes or other wage-related questions.

Click here for DOL-approved poster