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FLSA Overtime Rule Blocked by Federal Judge

A Texas federal judge has blocked the Department of Labor's rule on overtime pay that made 4.2 million private-sector workers eligible for expanded overtime protections. The U.S. District Court in Texas granted a preliminary injunction against the FLSA overtime rule, delaying its implementation nationwide. Employers are no longer required to meet the December 1 deadline, giving employees a reprieve. U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant said the States were able to show a likelihood of success in their challenge of the rule as well as irreparable harm if it went into effect, while the DOL failed to show it would be harmed if the rule were delayed. The rule was set to increase the exemption threshold to $47,476, more than doubling the current threshold, creating concern among many employers and small business owners. President-elect Donald Trump has yet to say what his plans are for the overtime rule, though he was previously in support of exceptions for small businesses.